-ivermek in Turkish (Tezlik fiili in Turkish)

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-ıvermek/ -uvermek/ -üvermek/ -ivermek in Turkish

-ivermek in Turkish gives the verb the meaning of doing quickly. Moreover; It means “suddenly“.


⇒Upuzun metni 1 dakikada okuyuverdi.

(S/he read (quickly) the long text in 1 minute.)

⇒Tam da ayrılacakken elini tutuverdi ve “Seni seviyorum.” dedi.

(Just as he was about to leave, he took (suddenly) her hand and said, “I love you.” said.)

⇒Üstünü giyiver, markete gideceğiz.

(Get dressed (quickly), we’ll go to the market.)

⇒Önce şu işi yapıver.

(Do this job first(quickly).)

⇒Sana bir şey göstereceğim, buraya geliver.

(I’ll show you something, come (quickly) here.)


DİKKAT! The negative form of this suffix has 2 different forms and 2 different meanings.

⇒FIRST FORM: verb+ (ı, i, u, ü)ver + me/ma + tense suffix + personal suffix  (yapıvermedim)

SECOND FORM: verb + me/ma +(ı, i, u, ü)ver + tense suffix + personal suffix (yapmayıverdim)


The first form: This means that the verb is “not done immediately, quickly, right away”.

The second form:This means that: Don’t do it, don’t care, never mind.


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-ıvermek/ -uvermek/ -üvermek/ -ivermek in Turkish tezlik fiili in turkish

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