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Online private tutoring to learn Turkish!

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Become fluent in Turkish quickly by speaking online one to one!

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Online group sessions are a great way to learn Turkish!

We are open for everyone who wants to learn Turkish 🙂

🇹🇷I’m Emine from Türkiye
👩🏻‍🏫I’m certified Turkish teacher
🙌Have fun and learn Turkish

Improve your Turkish with Us 

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar 

By practicing , solving question and a lot of other activity become fluent in Turkish.

Improve your Turkish speaking skills by discussing different topics learn new vocabulary and most importantly having fun in each lesson.

What Our Students Have to Say

First of all i want to thank to Allah who allowed me to learn the turkish language that i wanted so bad to learn it. second i want to thank to my beloved teacher Emine teacher who helped me and encouraged me every time to learn this beautiful language. Now i can speak and write everything. I couldn't have learned this language easily without Emine teacher. I want to thank my teacher for her profesional teaching skills. I appreciate that Thank you so much teacher.t
From Somalia
Hello everyone! My name is Tamara, I'm from Germany. Since this summer (2022) I'm learning Turkish with Emine, online. I'm here Frankfurt and she is in Türkiye. I'm really looking forward to each every lessons with her. To be honest, I have to practice more and i have to speak the language more often. But i really love it and I'm looking forward to be able talking to my friends soon fluently in Turkish. I would just like recommend the lesson with Emine. It's never too late to learn a new language. And Turkish is a very very nice language to choose. So, go for it!

From Germany
My name is Abdirahman Gilao. I came from Somalia. Now I live in Turkey. Teacher Emine she was my teacher for 6 month. She helped me from everything. I wanna say thank you my teacher Emine. Who wanna learn Turkish language? You are on right place if you wanna to improve your speaking, writing, vocabulary and reading. My speaking was so bad I remember before I started the course. I used to think too much when I was speaking Turkish. Thank you teacher Emine. God bless you.​

Abdirahman Gilao​
From Somalia​
My name is Omar Gilao, I am from Somalia. I started learning Turkish at Tömer in 2021. I studied up to C1 level, but my Turkish was still not perfect. I was thinking too much while talking Turkish. Then one day, while I was surfing on Tiktok, I found my teacher Emine. I messaged her on Instagram. I said I want to join your course. I started the A2 level course. And I really started to speak Turkish better in 1 month. After completing A2, I also took B1 course. Now I can talk comfortably with my Turkish friends at university. Ever since I got to know Emine, I have learned new words and expressions and I speak Turkish without thinking and getting stuck. My words are countless. Emine, I learned Turkish thanks to you.

Omar Gilao
From Somalia
First of all, I would like to thank Allah, who made it easy for me to learn this language. Secondly, I would like to thank my dear teacher The day I attended Ms. Emine's courses, I felt that I improved my Turkish language both writing and speaking. It is definitely the most logical place to improve your language many thanks Emine

Muttalip Barre
From Somalia
Hi, my name is Abdulkadir. I'm from Somalia. Hello my teachers Zehra and Emine. Firstly, i would like to thank you very much for giving me and other students the opportunity to improve our Turkish. Before I attended speaking lessons, I felt that I couldn't say what I wanted in Turkish. But my Turkish has improved after attending your classes and talking to you every day. I can say anything I want in Turkish. I'm sure that they will improve their Turkish if everyone who has experienced the same feelings I had before attend your classes. I hope that everyone who cannot say whatever they want in Turkish will participate in this precious chance that Emine and Zehra teacher give to foreign students who experience such problems. Thank you all.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdi
From Somalia
I learned Turkish with my teacher Emine before. She is a very good and nice teacher. She impressed me a lot and now thanks to her I love Turkish very much. And we used to gather from all the countries of the world where we wanted to learn Turkish, so we interacted during the lesson and organized competitions. Her teaching method is very different and unique. How I would love to be in Turkey and learn Turkish from there. Any words can't be enough to describe her lessons.
Yazan Al Hasan
From Syria
My one year of Turkish language studies wouldn't have been a complete fulfilling experience without the help of teacher Emine. She always tried to explain things in a very simple, understandable and enjoyable way for everyone to understand. I am much grateful teacher, Emine .
Abdulkarim Hadi
From Ghana
It's easy to learn Turkish for normal communication, but it was impossible to learn Turkish like a native Turk. Fortunately it's possible now to with Teacher Emine to learn Turkish language like a native speaker. Thank you dear Emine, i wish I could found you very early but it's still not late.

Ratib Sharafat
From Afghanistan
During my Turkish academic the course that I took form Emine Teacher were quite helpful. You are really appreciated, teacher. I am now fluent in both speaking and writing Turkish. I appreciate it all.
Surayyokhon Sulaymonova
Surayyokhon Sulaymonova
From Fergana,Uzbekistan
I had a truly wonderful time learning Turkish with Emine as my teacher. I had a great time and loved studying Turkish. Many thanks, Emine.
Shahzad Matin
From Afghanistan
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