-ınca in Turkish / -ar …-maz in Turkish

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-ınca in Turkish

In Turkish -ınca is a frequently used suffix. It means “at the same time” or “after“. It is used at the end of verbs. After that, another verb is used. It has the meaning “second verb happens, after or while the first verb (the verb with -ınca) happens”.


Grammar Rules about -ınca in Turkish

1. According to vowel harmony letters are change like below. You can click here to learn all about vowel harmony!

  1. a, ı > ınca
  2. e, i > ince
  3. o, u > unca
  4. ö, ü > ünce

2. If the verb ends with a vowel the suffix starts with “y”: -yınca, -yince, -yunca, -yünce (beyazlayınca, okuyunca…)

-ınca in Turkish -ar ...-maz in turkish ınca in Turkish ince in Turkish In Turkish -ınca

  • sarıl: hug
  • yap: do, make
  • çek: pull
  • git: go
  • sor: ask
  • uyu: sleep
  • öl: die
  • gül: laugh


Example Sentences with -ınca in Turkish

⇒Sen gülünce dünya daha güzel bir yer oluyor.

(The world becomes a better place when you smile.)

⇒Sana bakınca tüm dertlerimi unutuyorum.

(When I look at you, I forget all my troubles.)

⇒Eve gidince beni ara.

(Call me when you go home.)

⇒Bunları söyleyince ne olacak?

(What will happen when you say this?)

⇒Türkiye’den dönünce sana uğrayacağım.

(I will stop by you when I come back from Turkey.)

⇒Türkçe öğrenince Türkiye’ye gideceğim.

(When I learn Turkish, I will go to Turkey.)


-ar … -maz in Turkish

In Turkish -ar …-maz is also a suffix used with verbs. It has meaning “right after“. It adds meaning immediately, quickly, with no free time between two verbs. When using this suffix, the verb is repeated 2 times and then the second verb is mentioned. It has the meaning “second verb happens, just after first verb (the verb with suffix -ar …-maz) happens”.


Grammar Rules about -ar … -maz in Turkish

a, ı, o, u > r/ar/ır/ur,  maz

e, i, ö, ü > r/er/ir/ür,  mez


Example Sentences with -ınca in Turkish

⇒Eve gelir gelmez ayaklarını yıka.

(Wash your feet as soon as you get home.)

⇒Havalar ısınır ısınmaz bu şehirden ayrılacağım.

(As soon as the weather warms up, I will leave this city.)

⇒Sokakta, beni görür görmez yolunu değiştirdi.

(S/he changed his/her way as soon as s/he saw me on the street.)

⇒Zili duyar duymaz kapıya doğru koştu.

(Hearing the bell, s/he ran towards the door.)

⇒Eve varır varmaz bana haber ver. Çok önemli şeyler anlatacağım.

(Let me know as soon as you get home. I will tell very important things.)

⇒Odaya girer girmez iğrenç bir koku bizi karşıladı.

(As soon as we entered the room, a disgusting smell greeted us.)


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