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Turkish exclamation and people reaction to these situations?


Hadi hadi… I realize you’re not exactly telling the truth right now, you can’t fool me.


“Hadi hadiii” It’s clear that the listener knows that the speaker is lying. You should know that there is joking and mocking while saying this word. So it can be used in informal settings. Like what? Like close friends, when they chitchat.

Apart from that, do not confuse. There is also the meaning of haste. It is an expression used to make someone move faster.


This word is more common in colloquial language.

  • An involuntary reaction when finding something that has been thought about for a long time or when an idea comes to mind.
  • An exclamation is used in the sense of “here”.


Again an informal word. Used to show recognition of a mistake.

OOOPS… It has the meaning of “be surprised” when used in the face of an unexpected, undesirable situation.


It is very widely used in Turkish. Depending on the context in which it is used, the meaning of the emotion it adds to the sentence and the accent of the word also change. Aman, aman  aman, amaaaan…


It’s an informal expression. It is said to warn. Slow down, stop, wait, don’t move blah blah blah. Sometimes this reaction is used to threaten: “Watch your mouth, shut up, stop, don’t do this”.

Sometimes it is used in the sense of threatening, and except the using just for threatening it is frequently used to say stop or tell him to pay attention to someone during a  conversation: “Hop stop! Don’t cross now, the car is coming very fast!”

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