-İncİ Suffix In Turkish (Sıra Sayıları)

-İncİ Suffix In Turkish (Ordinal Numbers / Sıra Sayıları)

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-İncİ suffix (-ıncı -inci -uncu -üncü) indicate the order. It comes to the end of the number and makes that number an adjective. This adjective used before a noun indicates the order of that noun. For example, when explaining the rankings of the competitors in a competition, specifying which floor something is on, explaining the order of the names in a list, etc. This suffix can be used anywhere. In English, this suffix (sıra sayıları) is denoted by -th. When the question “Kaçıncı?” is asked, the word with this suffix answers. In other words, if someone asks you “Kaçıncı?” question, they are asking the sequence number of that thing (ordinal numbers).


Rules Of Ordinal Numbers

  • This suffix have 4 different form: -ıncı -inci -uncu and -üncü. So again we have to check 4 way vowel harmony. Cause there are 4 different ways according to vowels in the suffix. According to vowel harmony:

 if the last vowel of root word is “a or ı” suffix will be -ıncı. 

 if the last vowel of root word is “e or i” suffix will be -inci. 

 if the last vowel of root word is “o or u” suffix will be -uncu. 

 if the last vowel of root word is “ö or ü” suffix will be -üncü. 

  • If last letter of root word is a vowel, we don’t use first letter of suffix.

Yedi + inci = yedinci (seventh)

İki + inci = ikinci (second)


Example Sentences About -İncİ Suffix

  • Kaçıncı kapı? (Which door?)
  • Sekizinci kapı (eighth gate)


  • Kaçıncı katta oturuyorsun? (Which floor do you live on?)
  • Beşinci katta oturuyorum. (I live on the fifth floor.)


  • Müzik yarışmasında kaçıncı oldun? (What was your rank in music competition.)
  • Müzik yarışmasında birinci oldum. (I was the first in the music competition.)


  • Bu konu kaçıncı ünitede? (What unit is this topic in?)
  • Bu konu üçüncü ünitede. (This topic is in the third unit.)


  • Kaçıncı yaşını kutlayacaksın? (What age will you celebrate?)
  • On sekizinci yaşımı kutlayacağım. (I will celebrate my eighteenth age.)


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