Future Tense in Turkish! -ecek/acak Suffixes (Gelecek Zaman)

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In this course; “How is the future tense sentence in Turkish? What is the future suffixes in Turkish? What does  ecek / acak in Turkish mean? What are the rules of future tense sentences in Turkish?” You will learn the answers to your questions.

In Turkish, the simple future tense is used when describing the events that are will be happen in the future, not happening now. This is a very simple subject. There is only 2 different suffixes indicate the future tense. The suffixes are preferred in the sentence according to  vowel harmony. You can think of it as the equivalent of the “will” suffix in English.


THE RULE IS… (according to vowel harmony)
  • If the last vowel of the root verb is a back vowel (a, ı, o, u) the suffix contains “a”= -acak
  • If the last vowel of the root verb is a front vowel (e, i, ö, ü) the suffix contains “e”= -ecek



If the verb ends with any vowel, don’t forget to take a “y” between root verb and suffix. Cause two vowels cannot be side by side in Turkish!

ecek acak

ecek acak in turkish future tense in turkish
Last vowels are back vowel (a, ı, o, u)
  • kal + acak > kalacak   (will stay)
  • kır + acak >kıracak   (will break)
  • sor + acak > soracak   (will ask)
  • kork + acak > korkacak   (will afraid of)
  • boğul + acak > boğulacak   (will drown)
ecek acak in turkish future tense in turkish
Last vowels are front vowel (e, i, ö, ü)
  • gel+ ecek > gelecek   (will come)
  • git + ecek > gidecek   (will go)
  • gör + ecek > görecek   (will see)
  • böl + ecek > bölecek   (will divide)
  • gül + ecek > gülecek   (will laugh)
ecek acak in turkish future tense in turkish
Last letter of all verbs are vowel
  • anla + y + acak > anlayacak   (will understand)
  • ağla + y + acak > ağlayacak   (will  cry)
  • tanı + y + acak > tanıyacak   (will know)
  • taşı + y + acak > taşıyacak   (will carry)
  • oku + y + acak > okuyacak (will read)
  • uyu + y + acak > uyuyacak (will sleep)
  • izle + y + ecek > izleyecek  (will watch)
  • dinle + y + ecek > dinleyecek  (will listen)
  • büyü + y + ecek > büyüyecek   (will grow up)
  • yürü + y + ecek > yürüyecek   (will walk)


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