diye cevap vermek in Turkish

“diye sormak In Turkish” and “diye cevap vermek in Turkish”

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This word is used to tranfer sentences directly. The words someone said are quoted directly in quotation marks (“…” ) without any change. And at the end of the quoted sentence, “diye …” structure is added. E.g; You can quote a question someone asked. It could also be another type of sentence. For example, you can quote someone’s answer. You can transfer the same way someone’s thoughts.

  • “….” diye sordu. (“…” she/he asked.)
  • “…” diye cevapladı. (“…” she/he answered.)
  • “…” diye düşündü. (“…” she/he thought.)
  • “…” diye fısıldadı. (“…” she/he whispered.)

Example Sentences With “diye”

  • Meryem, “Acaba anneannem beni mi, çiçekleri mi daha çok seviyor?” diye düşündü.
  • Meryem, “I wonder if my grandmother loves me or flowers more?” she thought.


  • “Anneanne beni mi, çiçeklerini mi daha çok seviyorsun?” diye sordu.
  • “Grandma, do you love me or your flowers more?” she asked.


  • Anneannesi Meryem’e “Benim küçük kuzum, senin yerin ayrı, çiçeklerin yeri ayrı!” diye cevap verdi.
  • Her grandmother said to Meryem, “My little lamb, your place is different, the flowers are different!” he replied.



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