Turkish Conjunctions (Bağlaçlar)

Most Common Turkish Conjunctions (Bağlaçlar)

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In this lesson you’ll learn common Turkish conjunctions (bağlaçlar). This Turkish conjunctions are used when choice between two alternatives.

Turkish conjunctions

1. hem … hem …

This is the one of most common turkish conjunctions. It means “both”. Used before the both alternatives to emphasize that the statement being made applies to each.

  • Murat hem çay içiyor hem gazete okuyor. (Murat is both drinking tea and reading the newspaper.)

2. ne … ne …

It means “neither … nor” Not the one nor the other; not either.

  • Ne yağmur ne kar yağıyor. (It is neither raining nor snowing.)

3. ya … ya … / ister … ister …

It is used when choosing between two things (meaning “one of two”). One or the other of two people or things.

  • Ya sinemaya ya tiyatroya git. (Either go to the cinema or to the theatre.)
  • İster arabaya ister otobüse bin. (Take either the car or the bus.)

4. belki … belki …

It is not entirely clear. One of the two, but it is not clear which one. Or it means maybe yes, maybe not.”

  • Sinemaya belki gelirim belki gelmem. (Maybe I will come to the cinema, maybe not.)
  • Bugün yağmur belki yağar belki yağmaz. (Maybe it will rain today, maybe it won’t.)

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